Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Buy Haier SA Washing Machine [Color- Pink]

Haier SA Washing Machine 6.2 XPB62187 Pink
Haier SA Washing Machine 6.2 XPB62187 Pink

  •     100 % Original Product with Brand Warranty | 2+3 year warranty
  •     NO-HASSLES INSTALLATION SUPPORT ! We give you an Installation Helpline upon Delivery for a seamless, quick installation.
  •     6.2 Kg capacity
  •     Beautiful Pink in color
  •     Semi-Automatic
  •     Enhanced performance
+ Specification

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  1. Haier SA Washing Machine is great I already used this Washing Machine and have enhanced performance, thanks for shearing about this and special thanks for your great and helpful presentation I like your good service. I always appreciate your post.
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